Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First beaded embroidery piece for 2010

Hi there folks. Hope you are keeping warm.

Here is my latest piece and I am looking forward to the next one. :-)Some of the beads are so tiny, and the dang beading needle is awful to thread, but I love it. Each piece takes hours and I get a back ache, so I have to pace myself. (Easier said than done.) You just want to do one more stitch, add one more bead, and more time slips by.

Click on pictures for a larger view.

Here is my workspace while working on this piece. I cleaned it up last night so that it will be ready when I start the next one.

Happy Crafting ~ FlowerLady


gld said...

These are beautiful. I am afraid I wouldn't be good at them....too tiny and intricate for me.

Are you framing the pieces?

I have been making a Peruvian Ear flap Cap for our Granddaughter and it has been so long since I crocheted, it has given me grief.

FlowerLady said...

gld ~ Thank you. I was thinking of framing them, but I'm still not sure what to do with them. I want to sell them in my little Etsy shop when I open that up.

I just googled the cap you mentioned and it doesn't look too hard at all. I think once you get into crocheting again, it will be easier for you. If I was there with you, I'd help you out. Since I'm not there, I'll just tell you 'you can do it'.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Mrs. Peterson's Place said...

You are very talented! How beautiful the flowers are with the beads added.

Skeeter said...

That is so beautiful! You have such a talent with this one...

Cindee said...

Have you thought about making these into pincushions? I saw a lovely pincushhion that was a teacup with an embroidered pincushion that fits into it. Very lovely.

FlowerLady said...

Mrs. Peterson ~ Thank you. I really love doing this needlework. To me the beads add a certain magical quality. It's like the lights on the Christmas tree, if you know what I mean.

Thanks Skeeter.

Cindee ~ thank you. It's funny you mention pincushions, because I have been thinking about them but not in connection with beads and embroidery.

We all have talents. They are as varied and different as we all are.

Happy Creating in whatever medium you use ~ FlowerLady

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi FlowerLady,
I don't think I've visited this blog before. I am not sure if I've seen anything like this. Your pieces are beautiful! I used to embroider pillow cases. I still have the kitchen towels and the things I had purchased to embroider them, but when I found out I needed to hem them first, I never got around to doing it. I am not good at making things straight.

Now I know why you were so excited to get those beads in the mail!

Rebecca said...

I SO enjoy looking at all your creations, but believe it or not, I get just about equally excited at seeing your studio/workplace!

I pray that God keeps our fingers nimble and the creative juices flowing! It's all beautiful.