Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Crocheted Wire Creations

Good morning Friends ~ It is another gray, drippy day here today as we are getting the stormy weather from Ana. At least she's not a hurricane and Bill is going to be headed northward, and hopefully stay totally out to sea.

Between work, homecaring and gardening I've created some more little wire baskets. I love how these turned out.

Working with wire and beads is challenging, fun and rewarding. I've been checking websites for copper wire and nickel wire in 34 gauge, and prices vary. Nickel is more expensive than copper.

Here are some pictures of these latest creations.

Click on pictures for a larger view.

These open baskets were the first ones I made.

Thank you for looking.


J.J. Cedar Glader said...
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Barbara said...

Wow just amazing, how great thanks