Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pretty Paper Boxes

Good morning blogging friends. It's a new day here, hot and humid as usual. I was out for a while weeding, but decided enough is enough and here I am.

I wanted to show you the pretty boxes I made the other day after seeing a video on Etsy. Once you make one of these, I think you'll be hooked on making more. They were easy and fun!!

I could hardly get to sleep the night I watched this little video for thinking about how to make a nice paper for the box. The next day I made my paper by picking out floral clip-art, placing them on the page how I wanted them, saved the project, then went into a photo program and made the work less opaque, by about half, so that it would be softer looking and use less ink. :-)

I will use the left over paper to make tags.

This is all done by folding the paper, so there are uniform creases in your paper, you can see them in the picture. You only make 4 cuts, no glue. They are 3" x 3" x1 1/2". Here is the link to the video.

Making boxes

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